My anal prep.

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My anal prep.

biggieaddict biggieaddict
Hm, I have IBS so sometimes it just doesnt work out, but I try to have a bm an hour or two before launch time, sometimes using a "dry enema" of a 2-10 CC's of lube in an oral syringe, usually about 3. I use these to trigger BM's as desired, usually it works. I don't use any lube that contains glycerine, paraben, sweeteners, glycols, etc.

Repeat until I seem cleaned out with no residue on a baby wipe shoved a bit inside. Baby wipes are the norm for me, showers are frequent. If things just aren't cleaning up, abort launch, maybe next week. (In other words, eating chili, lentil stew, spaghetti with meat sauce, etc. the night, or in my case up to three days before qualifies as bad planning.)

At T minus 30 to 10 minutes, if nobody nosy is home, I put on a teapot full of water and pour it into a heavy pitcher a third full of hot water, then toss the toys in to preheat. (This is a ceramic "art" pitcher with a smooth glaze that can be filled with boiling saturated saline to sterilize) This water is very hot, I can barely dunk my fingers in it, but it will cool and the toys cool fast once out.

Off to another dry enema just to be sure and for prelubrication. Clean up as needed, then change out the water for fresh hot to bring the toys back to temp quickly and to have reheat water ready. Nuke the lube bottle for fifteen seconds, grab the toys and assume the position!
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jg19 jg19
What is a dry enema?
biggieaddict biggieaddict
Originally posted by jg19
What is a dry enema?
It isnt actually dry, just comparatively so. Using a lube shooter or an oral syringe with the tip cut off and the edges smoothed over a lighter flame, inject 2-10 cc of water based lube up your butt. You can cut the lube by 1/3-1/2 with water to save on lube. Wait a few minutes. It triggers a urge to go and cleans the lower end pretty well, but you probably will need to repeat and it wont cure eating chili the night before. It does make FAR less mess than a water enema.
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