New move?

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New move?

Bignuf Bignuf
We have been enjoying anal for decades, but my hubby put a new move on me last night. Fairly stimulating, but didn't hit the G spot...till phase 2.

He was behind me, and he just popped his thumb in my tush..which was already VERY lubed and open after about 30 minutes of anal penetration by his penis....we were actually changing positions, and he put his pointer and the next finger into my vagina...kind of cupping his hand between the two so his palm was rubbing my clit as he wiggled his hand around. I DID come from all that...but then he got one of my SLENDER vibes (called a CANDY CANE..since it looks like one) and inserted it into my vagina between his two fingers. That was enough to "fill me" and cause pressure and friction on my G spot while his thumb was still pumping into and out of my anus. I came...TWICE...hard. Gushing hard.

It was a NICE new little move, I thought I would share with you. Anyone else tried this? What was YOUR experience?

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Peggi Peggi
Ohhhh we are SO gonna try this
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