cuntofdoom cuntofdoom
something that I've been nervous about as an anal n00b is the taste with regards to rimming. I know it's not a flower garden, and I know there are some awesome flavored lubes out there, but apart from that are there any tips/good products for making the experience better

(I should note that I haven't tried rimming yet, and it's mostly because of my fear about the taste. Help me conquer my fear, y'all!)
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Jul!a Jul!a
Taking a bath/shower or just washing in general can help a lot with the taste. Flavored lubes are a great option like you mentioned. You could also use some dental dams as well.
Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
Honestly, if your partner is clean (showered at the very least, and I use an antibacterial wet-one as well just to avoid any possibly lingering microbe), it doesn't taste like much at all. It's NOT nearly as bad as you're probably envisioning, at least not in my opinion. I actually find the scent of anyone there, even when freshly showered, to be far more noticeable than any taste - and it's not a bad thing necessarily, just a little sweat and general nether region aromas that are healthy and normal.

Like Sam said, you could always go for a dental dam, but if you'd like closer contact and are concerned about the taste, start with a flavored lube - the Toko aroma formula ones and the System Jo flavored ones are my favorite and the Cherry flavored Anal Lube (I think it's a DJ product but not 100% sure...) are my favorites. But what inevitably happens is that I lick off all the lube and I've never been at all tempted to stop.
cobiffle cobiffle
It does not taste bad at all if it is clean there. Just make sure to take a shower before hand and you will love the taste and feel of it all.
slynch slynch
Try it right after the shower, when you know everything is squeaky clean.
SamsDelight SamsDelight
Totally agree with those above. A fresh shower can reduce any order or taste.
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