To those male/female couples into anal play, is your anal session usually "free standing" or does it come BEFORE or AFTER vaginal sex?

Bignuf Bignuf
After a brief quiz of our friends who openly speak about sexual matters, I interestingly discovered that about half had anal penetration, without vaginal penis penetration in the same "play session" (just stuck to anal), whole the other half would START vaginal and END UP doing anal till climax.

We have always gone any which way, HOWEVER, if we start anal and then go vaginal, he has always "washed up" well, with antibacterial soap or using several "antibacterial wipes". Never had an infection or any issues that way.

However, we didn't run into ANY other couples that SOMETIMES start anal and then go vaginal (even with cleaning up first) during penetration play. (Yes, cleanup CAN break the mood, if you let it...but WE make it part of sex play, for instance, I will use the wipes on him, while kissing his tummy or lips, and maybe rubbing his prostate directly with a finger, and making his tool even harder)!!!!

Are we alone???
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puppylove puppylove
We have only done vaginal to anal never anal alone or the other way around
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
We're still very much anal beginners. The only time it's a 'stand alone' is if it's me alone because she's OTR or not feeling like having sex. For her it's a part of the whole multiple orgasm stream that precedes PIV sex.
itismedi itismedi
We start vaginal, switch to anal, and like you usually switch back with a little cleaning up first.
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