Are You a Multi-Orgasmic Guy? - from Em and Lo

Em & Lo Em & Lo
Are you or is someone you know a dude who can have multiple orgasms? It's not exactly a wide-spread practice, though one reader of ours believes it could be. He gave us his approach to becoming multi-orgasmic. It definitely sounds like it requires a bit of work and practice. What do you think? Is this a pipe dream (no pun intended) for most men? Do you know guys who can do it? What's your own approach?
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Not for me - maybe in my 20s it may have worked. One is hard enough for me now!
married with children married with children
I can go 2 times without a problem. I never tried when I was younger, so I dont know if I could have gotten that count up.
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
Alan is now, but not when he was younger. Believe it or not, he picked up the technique from The Multi-Orgasmic Man book we reviewed. And yes, it took him/us a lot of time and practice to get it to work.
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