Does the intensity of your orgasms vary?

icyqueen icyqueen
Hi to you all,
Do your orgasms vary in intensity? My orgasms vary from "meh... okay?!" (sometimes) to "Wow... That was a good one" (most of them) to "OMG!!!! Amazing!!! What was that???" (rarely)

Do you also notice different intensities of your orgasms? Thanks for sharing!
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Jul 3, 6:17 am
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Rossie Rossie
It depends on how much stimulation I've received during foreplay and sex.
Jul 3, 8:55 am
SexScienceAndFood SexScienceAndFood
huge range in intensities. Always feel good, but I've had some where I have to lay there for a minute or more just to recover from the massive euphoria. However, these super intense orgasms are never from vaginal sex with my wife. rather, it's extended foreplay --> orgasm (when she isn't up for things herself but still wants to toy with me),...often with simultaneous extended prostate stimulation.
Jul 3, 10:52 am
Oriental husband and wife Oriental husband and wife
For OW it's how much stimulation, physical and mental. She does enjoy a lot of foreplay. She more into it on her days off also. I'm more into it after participating in competitive sports activities.

For me, moist, hot sizzling vaginal sex accompanied by prostate stimulation multiplies the intensity.
Jul 3, 4:12 pm
eri86 eri86
My orgasms have never been "mind-blowing". They tend to take forever, and while they happen, they are pretty quiet.

I actually prefer the feeling of everything than leads up to the orgasm over the orgasm itself. Mostly because I get my pleasure out of the guys pleasure. If he feels really good, I feel really good. My orgasms are more for him than for me.
Jul 12, 11:28 pm
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