First time being squirted on?

Thong man Thong man
How did you react the first time your SO squirted?
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Turned on
Turned off
No big deal
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HannahPanda HannahPanda
Very surprised!
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
It's my guess that very few women actually squirt in a forceful way. My wife's experience is more of a gushing sensation - that is a lot of fluid released at one time - but there is almost no projection of fluid - ergo the term 'gushing'.

My wife and I were both a little surprised and excited the 1st time it happened. It happens now about 1-2x per month - or about 25% of the time.
skippybaby skippybaby
Originally posted by Thong man
How did you react the first time your SO squirted?
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by Thong man
How did you react the first time your SO squirted?
It was actually when my hubby and I were dating that I had my first, powerful, squirt. We were both rather surprised, shocked and since it happened in a sleeping bag...soaked.
OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
Very surprised and then even more thrilled. She was embarrassed though and still is whenever she does. She now try's to get me to stop when it starts happening. My clue to lay it on even more!
Happy Kupple Happy Kupple
Mmmmmm, I was embarrassed at first, but was sooooooooo turned on. It was the night of our first date.
chillguy2983 chillguy2983
Originally posted by Thong man
How did you react the first time your SO squirted?
My wife squirted for the first time a few years ago. We have been together now for 10 years (at the time about 8 or 9 years together). We had no idea that she was able to squirt. We were really getting into one evening, and she started to cum. I gave it to her harder, but she pushed me away - I slipped out of her. It was too late! All of a sudden I felt something really warm and wet spray all over my groin and even up my stomach. I knew she had squirted, and it went all over both of us!! I can't even describe it how I felt - I was so turned on, excited, thrilled, ecstatic!! It was amazing!! It was her first time squirting, and she didn't know what just happened. She was shaking a bit. I was so turned on that I grabbed her legs and pulled her to the side of the bed. I got off and stood beside the bed, grabbed her legs and lifted them up almost to her head while her ass as hanging off the side of the bed just a bit. Her whole groin was wet and so was mine. I slide back inside was pure bliss!! I gave it to more, and she started to squirt again. She was almost in tears because she was afraid she would make a huge mess again. And...well, yes she did! She was so embarrassed afterwards, and was pretty close to tears. She was didn't want me to see the mess in and on the side of the bed. I told her that she squirted, and that I loved every second of it! I had the biggest smile on my face that night. We laughed about it later. Since then, we have had other squirting experiences.
DaddyG DaddyG
The first time it happened was AWESOME. She had been working on it and when it finally happened I was so turned on and loving every minute of it. Now it happens all the time and we both can't get enough of it
Adnerbmw Adnerbmw
asked my husband apparently he was really tunred on by it
peachmarie peachmarie
I have never been with a girl who has squirted but I would be into it.
Rika Rika
I have never squirted before.
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