Harness + Pillow = fun?

Callisto Callisto
I've been thinking about getting a harness or a strap on for a pillow so i can ride it.. i think the bon bon and liberator shapes might be too high for me.. any other ideas?

A friend mentioned getting a teddy bear .. and.. apparently there are all these sites where girls do just exactly that. Who knew?
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briluminary briluminary
That's wacky I never thought about trying that.
Anonymous.Brunette Anonymous.Brunette
Sounds fun, it's worth a try right?
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
I just ordered a harness, I can't wait to try it.
ScottA ScottA
You need to be careful in your selection - soft pillows don't work, and stiff harnesses make it harder to use.

Also make sure you put a towel or two on the pillow. I like plastic bag + towel myself, but I've never been successful with the "harness on a pillow" yet.
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