High Sex?

SydneyScreams SydneyScreams
I've had some of the best sex high, but I've also had some of the worst sex high. Staying hydrated is important (I usually feel like I'm all dried out when high).

Amusingly, one of the best times was last night. holyamazballsbatman!
SaucyxGirl SaucyxGirl
Back in my wild days of youth I had sex a few times while I was high. It was okay, but not exactly the greatest thing. Like when I am drunk it is harder for me to get off and it can become very frustrating for both me and my sexual partner.
twelve13 twelve13
I've actually never been high.
Pierced Blaqk Skies Pierced Blaqk Skies
I have had sex after smoking weed and I love it! My boyfriend accidentally had some edibles one time and when we had sex he was having trouble moving around and stuff because he said his body was "too heavy". It was funny but didn't make for great sex that time. When I'm high and having sex, the vibrations feel so much more intense and they are kind of buzzing all over my body. Sensations are just more intense and it makes my orgasms so much stronger and last longer.
sXeVegan90 sXeVegan90
Never been high.
bettle590 bettle590
Originally posted by twelve13
I've actually never been high.
me neither.
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