how do you keep sex fresh?

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how do you keep sex fresh?

lalapetitee lalapetitee
Are there any thing you do to spice up or keep your relationship on its toes? I'm interested in spicing up my relationship but I'm not sure how.
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In Between Soliloquies In Between Soliloquies
I don't really have any saucy tips, but here are some of the normal things I do:

I insist on having regular date nights. And just as with dates before we became a couple, there's the possibility of sex if you play your cards right there's flirting and general courtship behavior so that we can experience the playfulness and butterflies (not to sound corny) again.

Similarly, I occasionally play hard-to-get. Reminding him that he at one point had to work for it makes him eager for the chase.

Aaaaand finally, the introduction of the occasional new toy is always fun. Often, I'll just order something and when it arrives, just leave it in a conspicuous place. The curiosity and the surprise will just make the whole experience that much more exciting.
Boobs and Lubes Boobs and Lubes
Hard to answer that one with out a reference point, what have you tried so far?
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