Multiple orgasms

Lavender420 Lavender420
My partner is able to give me multiple orgasms, and I'm not typically one to "squirt" but it's happened a few times, and right after I'm pretty much done for a good while before I'm "ready" again. As weird as this sounds, I don't know much about squirting and am curious - what is it really?
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
The best description I've seen suggest that like semen, female ejaculate is a fluid created through glandular processing of blood. Sugars and other compounds are extracted from the blood by like the Bartholin's glands & Skene's glands.
js250 js250
A lot of the squirting is through G-spot stimulation, but not always. I also squirt clitorally as well.
FruityCloudPuff FruityCloudPuff
Originally posted by js250
A lot of the squirting is through G-spot stimulation, but not always. I also squirt clitorally as well.
I can only squirt from clitoral stimulation, and only from my guy fingering me (I haven't tried a clitoral vibrator yet, though I'm definitely looking into getting one). I can't seem to do it any other way, and especially not by myself. I also can't orgasm by myself either. I feel at a loss of what I'm supposed to be doing inside my vagina, so I normally never masturbate or finger myself. I know that's a bit sad.
Tips please?
P'Gell P'Gell
I have multiples easily, but I don't squirt. My Bartholin's glands were removed surgically when I was about 21 due to repeated UTIs. My Bartholin's were one of the sources of infection and had become impacted ( sorry.) I was very sick before this, and several other procedures were done. I'm pretty sure I squirted a few times before I had the surgery, but never after.

I've been known to dribble, when he hits the right spot, but no squirting for me. It's just a clear odorless fluid. It isn't urine and it's different than regular lubrication.
Heatherbipoly Heatherbipoly
I love my multiples and i squirt to
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