Over the years, have your orgasms gotten bigger, smaller or stayed the same.

Bignuf Bignuf
A couple of us old birds seem to agree that our orgasms have become more powerful over the years. Maybe we control our bodies better, but I don't think I had the "earthquake" kind that I do now, when I was younger.

How about you?
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
This also true for my wife - and even for me. Knowledge is powerful - if the young people on EF have the right knowledge and skills, there is no reason they shouldn't have even stronger orgasms than us old-codgers!
Eugler Eugler
Yes they became better during the last 15 years. I remember due to my christian education my first orgasms were accompanied with huge feelings of guilt and being impure and stuff like that.

The more I can get rid of this junk and relax into being, letting go, allowing the sensations to appear, the better my whole life becomes.
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