Strengthening and more frequent orgasms (females)

calliope calliope
How can I strengthen my orgasms? I know a lot of it has to do with the individual and how you are wired, but I feel like there has to be something. My favorite porn star is Lily Carter. She orgasms so easily and so intensely. Her legs shake. Does anyone orgasm like that and if so have you always orgasmed like that? If not what changed?
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CamoCutie CamoCutie
I have been with 7 sexual partners, including my husband and besides my husband, only one other guy was able to give me an orgasm. They all felt good but no one sent me over the edge except those two.

I had 'normal' orgasms, until we started using sex toys two years ago. After we started using sex toys we learned that I could squirt and my orgasms became very intense. My legs would shake, my toes would cramp, I can't even stand up sometimes, my legs become jello.
naturegirl naturegirl
Strong pelvic floor muscles really help, but so does really letting your inhibitions go! You don't orgasm half as well if you are thinking"I mustn't fart" or "will he think I look stupid when I grimace".....just forget what you look/sound like and enjoy the moment!
mailroomorder mailroomorder
Pelvic muscles help.
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