Training up to a bigger toy?

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Training up to a bigger toy?

Honooko Honooko
So I recently forked out for a Jopen Vanity. It's a beautiful toy and I was super excited to use it.

But... it didn't fit. And this is not really a big toy AT ALL. But even after having an couple of orgasms already, it still wouldn't go in. So now I'm stuck with a beautiful, expensive toy and can't even get it in my vagina! *tears*

I'm a virgin, which might be part of it, but I have a rabbit-style toy that I use regularly so it's not a hymen issue. I just have no idea how to work my way up to my new toy.

Advice please!
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AmethystQueen AmethystQueen
Wow. I never heard of that. If having orgasms doesn't work to help relax and stretch you, maybe go back to the measurements of the Jopen and your other toy that fits, then go looking for things that can fill the gap between them to train on.
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