Resonating butterfly– clitoral pump VS Butterfly clitoral pump– clitoral pump: Which is the better clit pump to try?

CuteDee CuteDee 04/01/2012

Ive never tried a clit pump and am thinking I should change that... But which one to choose?!?!

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CuteDee CuteDee
I love my clit being sucked on by my partner during our special times... Im wondering if its possible to recreate that lovely feeling with a clit pump... But which one?!?!
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Lady Bear Lady Bear
I also like my clit sucked on, but I have never tried a clit pump. :/ Maybe I should try one as well. I think I would try the cheaper one to start out.
ohdearashbee ohdearashbee
based on the reviews, i think you should look elsewhere for a clit pump.
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