50 by 50

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50 by 50

newfoundlust newfoundlust
We both turn 50 within the next year and are celebrating 23 years of marriage. We decided to add up the states we have made love in. While we know we are not going to make 50 by 50, it was fun to count them up. So far we have managed 32. We have decided to make it 50 by 60. On a related topic, we counted up 10 countries outside the US where the deed has been done. So, EF members, how many states have you gotten it on in?
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Ansley Ansley
Three, soon to be four.

I don't travel much.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Only three for us. The wife does not travel much.

Sounds like a good goal.
Jul!a Jul!a
4 states for us, lol.
Remigirl Remigirl
Ooh this sounds fun! Four for my husband and I, plus Canada! I agree, sounds like a great goal to shoot for.
cobiffle cobiffle
Five for me
Cream in the Cupcake Cream in the Cupcake

...so far...
newfoundlust newfoundlust
Glad to know we gave some of you a new idea. Just think, a nice weekend trip in a 4 state corner of your own state can get you quickly doubled.
Checkmate Checkmate
Nine for us to date.
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