A D/s relationship fantasy question?

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A D/s relationship fantasy question?

Martiniman Martiniman
I know a lot of you, my fellow EF friends, are into the D/s lifestyle to some extent. I myself am not, but I have my fantasies about it and I'm a huge fan of the D/s genre in erotica, particularly lesbian D/s and dominant wives.

My question...

How many of you who are NOT involved in a D/s relationship fantasize about being in one?

Bonus Question: if you have a D/s fantasy, are you the dominant or submissive?
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Cowgirl-Cutie Cowgirl-Cutie
Hehe...well, I'm in the beginning stages of one with my hubby so I guess I don't count. lol But I'm a sub and before we started this I fantasized about it a lot.
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