Any couples out there that were totally opposed to "pegging", then changed their minds?

Bignuf Bignuf
Since it would take two to "tango" as they say, it would take two changes of opinion. If so, what made you first try it, and how did you end up incorporating it into your love life?
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I had no opinion - or even knowledge of pegging until about 55 - but didn't get interested for a while. Once I got curious, it took me about 2 years to convince my wife to try.

After the 1st time - she was not supportive. It took another year for me to convince her to try again. About the same time we started having anal sex - so maybe the chance to 'return the favor' plays into her thought process.

We both have orgasms from anal play - including sex, pegging and other combinations.
TheNiceGuy88 TheNiceGuy88
My girlfriend and I messed around with double penetrating her with me in her vaginally and a toy in her ass. She then brought up the idea of buying a strap on that I could use on her. We bought the Menge Tois (Spelling?) strap on. After using it on her, which she loved. We came up with idea of trying it on me. We are very open to trying new things. So we did. She loved the fact she was able to make me feel good in a new different way. We do it on a regular basis now.
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