Foreplay ideas for long distance

snarknemesis snarknemesis
I posted a similar thread under the dating section, but maybe this is a better place to go.

I'm looking for some ideas for my partner and I. She has a really low sex drive right now and I don't. I can usually get in the mood to have sex, or do anything sex-related, and we are having a lot of difficulty with this. I have tried everything I can think of to make this work for us. I'm not interested in opening our relationship and I am really running out of ideas. I've written her erotica and tried suggesting we read erotica together. I've been searching forums on asexuality trying to find any ideas of activities we could do that are sort of like foreplay but wouldn't involve touching and haven't found any.

Also we're long distance and not able to see each other anytime soon. Does anyone have any suggestions for things we can do related to sex that won't necessitate her being turned on?
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gavind gavind
I haven't really tried long distance and I hate it. Just being honest. I'd love to see ideas here. EdenFantasys Logo
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