getting the hang of masturbation

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getting the hang of masturbation

naughty virgin naughty virgin
I am new to this. I have fingered myself a little but that does not do much for me. I was wondering if anyone would share some of the ways they masturbate. I bought an anal rocket and a clit exciter and am looking forward to them being delivered tomorrow. Is there anything I should know about getting started using toys, especially the anal rocket. I have never used toys before and have never had anything up the rear but it sounded like fun.
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MuffysPinguLove MuffysPinguLove
Make sure you use lube, especially with the "anal rocket." You wouldn't want to hurt yourself or tear anything. Take it slow and do what feels comfortable for you. Also, make sure you clean your toys well after use. Good luck, and if you have any more questions feel free to ask
Miss Jane Miss Jane
I second what Muffy said, and have a few things to add:

Everyone's body is different, so just experiment around and see what you like. Find your clitoris (there's no shame in looking up diagrams online if you're totally lost down there), and put the vibrations there .

Don't go from anal to vaginal penetration without washing your hands first, and don't use the anal toy in your vagina or on your clit after you've used it down there. (It can cause Urinary Tract and yeast infections)

Anal play can be really fun, and I hope it is for you. Just take it slow and use plenty of lube, and you should be okay. Also, always keep a hold on the end of that thing.
sandman sandman
practice practice practice
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