High Heel fascination??

luvslukin luvslukin
I can distinctly remember where my fascination with high heels began, in elementary school. We had these hard granite floors through the building. On day after school, I don't remember why I was still there, the halls were very quiet because all the other kids had gone home for the day, there was this teacher. I don't know who she was, I never had her for my classes. Anyway she was walking through the hall and she was wearing some heels. That distinctive sound of the heels striking the floor that all of us heel lovers know so well reverberated through the halls and it was like some primitive part of my body was activated for the first time. Ever since, I have admired women that wear heels and love it when I still have the opportunity to catch that sound of heels on a solid floor especially in a quiet space that maybe has a little reverb too it.

Anyone else know what I'm talking about??
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Voir Voir
Yes. I love the neat little 'click click' of heels on tile. I wear them through my house sometimes just to hear it... but it doesn't sound as... thrilling? Without that little bit of echo.
CollegeFun2014 CollegeFun2014
I love heels but in a naughty way I'd do anything to fuck a girl in heels
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