How Long Can You Go Without Masturbating?

Kitten has left the site Kitten has left the site
Just wondering. I can go at least 5 days.
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js250 js250
5-6 days, but I am a real bitch after the third or fourth day.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
It depends on if my husband and I have had sex or not.
shySEXXaddict shySEXXaddict
Originally posted by Kitten has left the site
Just wondering. I can go at least 5 days.
about 5 days as long as I got sex inbetween.I gota say if after 3rd day no sex no masturbating then crazy lady here so atleast would need sex to make it the 5 atleast
ejrbrndps ejrbrndps
I did one month.....but usually the longest is around a week
SMichelle SMichelle
I can go arond 5 days, but I generally masturbate every day.
RonLee RonLee
Wouldn't it really depend upon the constraint, as in why? If it were for some reason like being in a situation of limited or no privacy such as military basic training then I could (and did) go as long as necessary. Otherwise just living my life, why deny myself that basic pleasure?!
While my GF is out of town I'll indulge more than once a day. However, when I know when she's coming back, I'll refrain for a day or two, so that I'll have an extra large load for her when she does get here.
MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
Maybe 3 or 4 days at most. I have gone 2 weeks before just for the fun of it and to see how explosive my orgasm could be. But once that happened, I think I knocked maybe 2 or 3 more the same day because it felt so good. Vicous cycle, LOL!
Istanbull Istanbull
Wow, I've beeten all the women here with 2 months no wacking it(and no sex). There's goes the stereotype that women can go without more than men.
michael scofield michael scofield
i cant go more than several hours the urges are just too strong and i have to release but. i once went 4 months with out wacking it.thats because i was locked up and facing a serious time i was scared depressed and deeply into the bible. the first time that i finally wacked it again was in the shower and wacked off i exploded cum like never before!!!
ghalik ghalik
What are the rewards and/or penalties? If it depended on my life I'm sure I could manage to never masturbate again. If you paid me, I think I could manage a few weeks, possibly months.
badk1tty badk1tty
Originally posted by Kitten has left the site
Just wondering. I can go at least 5 days.
I've gone for weeks. Don't really have a specific number.
x203 x203
i can go for a long time haha
Incendiaire Incendiaire
I went 40 days once, like Josh Hartnett in that film, just to see if it was possible.

The 20 day mark was the hardest, after that that it wasn't so bad.
Heatherbipoly Heatherbipoly
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