Advice for foreplay?

candyapple22 candyapple22
I was wondering does any one have any tips or advice on foreplay. I never thought i was any good at it. A little oral, some kissing. Thats about it. I want to be a better lover, and have some more passion. What are other couples doing?
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Supervixen Supervixen
Communication! What do you like? What does your partner like? It might sound counter intuitive to talk about what you'd like to do, but just talking about it is a massive turn on for a lot of people. Massages, some candlelight, relaxing music, taking a shower or a bath together...there are tons of things you can do. Just use you imagination. You guys could strip for each other, watch each other masturbate a bit, confess your fantasies (take that one slowly though, and make sure both you and your partner have an open mind)...just take your time and explore each others bodies AND minds. Foreplay is also psychological and emotional, not just physical.
Hummingbird Hummingbird
I agree whole heartedly about communication. After 26 years of marriage we're finally learning about each other. Talking, communicating as you say about our intimacy. We are both learning what each other likes or not, baby steps at a time and respecting one another. I found I cannot push to an extreme as much as I might want more, he must too. Relationships are very fragile and topics of conversation are easily misunderstood. Egos are fragile, I wouldn't want to be hurt therefore I wouldn't want to hurt him. I treat him as i want to be treated and spoke to.
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