IMO Ultimate natural birth control

Robin Goodfellow Robin Goodfellow
It's official. My girlfriend and I have finally found that magic answer to the birth control question. Being into health she has avoided the pill and other treatments forever not wanting to mess with her hormonal balance. I've been a supporter though sometimes it was very inconvenient. I can't believe we didn't discover it sooner. It is the LadyComp and Pearly personal fertility moniter. It is like a glorified fam method. Pretty much shes takes her temperature everyday based on it pinpoints when she is ovulating and it concurrently gives her the green light for safely sexable, yellow for caution, and red for "do not enter." It takes a few months to let the computer get to know a womens cycle for maximum effectiveness. If used as directed they claim a 99.3% accuracy. It's pricey. But it has worked fantastic for us, we both love it. She especially, in that she is constantly learning and better understanding her body's subtleties. Just wanted to share for interested people who were as oblivious to a good thing as we were.
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Darling Jen Darling Jen
I'm so glad it's working well for both of you. The system seems to be basically a basal body temperature tracking. Which works great for the "average" woman with a steady period schedule. But if a woman is irregular, has PCOS, or any other complications, it doesn't really work well. A woman could menstruate and not ovulate or even ovulate without menstruating. All very complicated. But as long as you know it's not 100% safe and pregnancy (despite public opinion) can happen any time of the month, I think it's good you both found a system that works for your sex life AND for her health concerns. Excellent!
LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
Hmm, I am not sure about this, but if you are looking for a completely natural form of birth control, it's probably better than nothing.

The thing about BBT is that it indicates when ovulation has occurred, as opposed to predicting when it is going to happen. Given that sperm can survive for up to five days, what happens if you have sex one night and find out you've ovulated the next day?

Too risky for me.
Jenn (aka kissmykitty) Jenn (aka kissmykitty)
Just be careful, and make sure you have an "exit strategy", so to speak. As Laurel pointed out, it's prediction, and it is possible for sperm to survive several days. Stress and health issues can often disrupt a woman's cycle... so yeah... just take care, that's all!
Illusional Illusional
Sounds like a lot of thought for me.
I love my depo shot so...
Blinker Blinker'd be hard for a computer thingy to track and predict a woman's cycle. Woman rarely have the exact same schedule for ovulation and whatnot month to month. I recently had a 2 week period, then a 3 day one soon after that. My periods are unpredictable. My gyno can't predict them, and I wouldn't leave it to a computer to try to do it either.
J's Alley J's Alley
Actually is as reliable as condoms. We use natural method because I am highly allergic to BCP.
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