This is, apparently, my sex voice!

Supervixen Supervixen
Usually when I talk, I have a lower voice. It's not high pitched, not nasal...think Daria. Then when I'm having sex, especially as I'm getting really into it, I suddenly sound very...whiny? Ultra-feminine? And it's different enough for me to think, wow, I don't ever sound like this at any other time. Where does this come from?

I know we all make sounds during sex that is specifically our "sex voice" and we don't sound that way during other times when we talk, but does anyone else sound REALLY different from the way they usually sound while in the throes of passion?
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emiliaa emiliaa
Hahaha I have....a lot of interesting 'voices' that sometimes come into play during sex. I think I'm a special case though. seems fairly normal to me of course.
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