you ever get turned on by answering sexual scenario questions in the forum?

Martiniman Martiniman
I know I ask a lot of sexual scenario questions and I've seen quite a few other questions similar to the questions I ask, thus the basis for this question.

Ladies...have you ever read and answered a sexual scenario question that got you to thinking about it which led to you getting turned on and horny?
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
Yes, but rarely.
2  (13%)
Yes, occasionally depending on the question.
Yes, all the time!
No, but I do think a lot about certain questions.
4  (27%)
No, but I do enjoy answering sexual scenario questions.
8  (53%)
No, it's just a question I answered for points.
1  (7%)
Other...please leave details.
Total votes: 15
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JennSenn JennSenn
I answered yes, but rarely. It's REALLY rare. Like, maybe once or twice so far.
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