Medications Vs.Orgasms and Libido

Elbert's Angel Elbert's Angel
Elbert's Angel
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Is it stupid to put your Orgasms and Sex life before your medication. I was recently on medication for my medical condition that flat lined my libido and made orgasms non-existent. Would you stop your medication in the name of sex or am I just crazy?
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RonLee RonLee
Rather than just stop your medications, talk to your MD about perhaps changing your meds to something else.
Elbert's Angel Elbert's Angel
Did that she wouldn't. I did stop and am doing fine, the lack of libido and inability to orgasm any longer was throwing me into a further depression, couldn't take it anymore. Some have called me crazy for putting my sex life before my health but oh well it is what it is. BTW illness is not life threatening.
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