Moaning, yes, no, maybe so?

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Moaning, yes, no, maybe so?

Anna Matronic Anna Matronic
Personally for me I don't moan much, (It comes from years at home and sharing dorm rooms with paper thin walls) and my last partner seemed very put off by it.

and inversely, Guys moaning is an INSTANT turn on for me. :/

basically, I'm not porn star loud, and don't know how to change it without faking.

what do?
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
Just be true to yourself. We all have different ways of vocalizing our arousal, and none of them are wrong. Do what comes naturally.
Jessica Elizabeth Jessica Elizabeth
I agree with Chillipepper. Do what's natural to you I'm personally quite loud during sex; I frequently have to put my face in a pillow to muffle my vocalizations lol
Envy Envy
I don't make any noise at all, moaning, crying, etc. My bf though, sounds like a female porn star, but I like it.
I have the same issue. The only time I'm ever load is really from other stimulation, like pain.... Sex? Not so much...
Luvbugleah Luvbugleah
Both of us are moaners. Her more than me. we both enjoy it. Once we even got into a "moaning" match with our neibhors. lol
jdloelo jdloelo
I am the same and my ex complained about it alot. Begged me to be loud, so I ended up faking it to be loud. I felt like it ruined our sex life. Just talk and be honest so you can have a happy healthy sex life.
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