My man claims he can't feel when he ejaculates...HELP!!

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I recently starting dating my current boyfriend. He was a virgin when we met, but that has changed since then. I hadn't been with a virgin since my first time, so I felt sort of like an expert compared to him. The first time we had sex, he wore a condom. He knew he had climaxed, but decided to keep going. No big deal. The other night we decided to try without a condom. I know men get super sensitive after they climax. He had to stop because he got really sensitive. He also said he didn't think he ejaculated. He was sort of confused and so was I. I felt like he had, because I could feel the cum, but he claimed he didn't feel anything. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm so confused. HELP!!!
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First, it should be noted that it is possible (though not common) for a male to orgasm without ejaculation. It is possible that this is what happened. I don't think there is anything to be particularly alarmed or concerned about here, you might want to just keep seeing how things go. It's possible your partner is just particularly sensitive and possibly orgasmic without ejaculation, it's also possible that he's just not experienced with his own body and was unsure of exactly what exactly happened. Either way, good luck!
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