Have any ideas to spice things up?

melliegirl melliegirl
I need some ideas on what to try with my bf. I'm a straight girl. I've done anal, vaginal, and dp (with my bf and a toy, not a threesome). What should I try next? Thanks
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Chastity Darling Chastity Darling
snowminx snowminx
It's really about what you and your bf are into and comfortable with.
If you're adventurous you might want to try outside sex- either in the back yard (if you have a fence this works better) or maybe a place were you can fool around in a pool or hot tub? Even just some sex on a vacation is a nice change.
You could try another person if they are into that, or maybe just have someone watch you two have sex. Role playing can be a fun way to spice things up also.
Have you ever just given him a lap dance, did a little strip tease for him? Maybe you could make him his favorite dinner and give him a blowjob, guys aren't usually that hard to please. lol

Those are just some ideas, I suggest you ask your man what he really likes, if he's not shy then you might just get an earful
libbyv libbyv
use a dildo on him
spiced spiced
Have a discussion about his and your sexual fantasies. Pick one (or more) that you haven't tried and try it! After being together over 10 years, my wife and I are still doing this — and it's still GREAT.
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