Oil as Lubricant?

bayosgirl bayosgirl
I've heard talk of using Crisco as lube. I do not use Crisco in my cooking, nor would I even use it on my body. However, that got me thinking..is it possible to use cooking oils in a pinch? I'm thinking coconut oil specifically..
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
There are vegetable oil & butter based lubricants - and yes coconut oil is one of them. However my favorites are butter based. Interestingly cocoa butter melts at skin temperature and Shea butter just a little less than skin temperature - so the combination makes for a good lube. The ones I use also usually have Vitamin E and Almond oils. We use them for every type of material with no adverse reactions. We like silicone as well but only use it for glass or metal toys anally.
P'Gell P'Gell
There are a LOT of differing opinions about oil based lubes and the friendliness of these to the average vagina. There is some data that some women cannot shed oils from the vagina. Obviously some can, as they use organic cocoanut oil and other food oils with no problem.

Women with yeast infection problems or histories of bacterial vaginosis should probably NOT use oil based lubes as they can trap bacteria etc.

Here's like, 20 pages of past threads on this. There's a lot of opinions. link
We used a coconut-oil-based lube with a nice tangerine scent at one point. It was okay, but now that we have toys made from a variety of materials, we pretty much just stick with the water-based lubes to be on the safe side.
Kitty Grub Kitty Grub
I've actually used Virgin Coconut Oil plenty of times & love it! It can get messy but a travel size plastic bottle would definitely come in handy. The smell is amazing & it's pretty much tasteless too.
csweatc csweatc
I like oil lubes a lot actually. I mix Olive oil and grapeseed oil together.
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