deltalima deltalima
I have sex quite frequently. I'm just wondering is there any way to re-sensitize your clit? Or have more intense stimulation if possible?
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Ghost Ghost
The best way to "re-sensitize" is to abstain from stimulation.
Eucaly Eucaly
Do things less often for a while.

Abstain from extremely powerful vibrators.
Tuesday Tuesday
Start with a weaker vibe and only switch to a stronger vibe if you need it. At first the weaker vibes won't do, but slowly, you'll find that weaker and weaker vibes work for you. I've been able to wean myself off of the Magic Wand this way. MiMi used to be too weak for me, but now it's plenty strong enough.
EnChAnTiNg EnChAnTiNg
I would try to abstain from clitoral stimulation for a while. And I would also try to maybe try manual stimulation when you start again, this way it won't be so powerful.
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