Sex: How long have you gone without?

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Sex: How long have you gone without?

virtualmirage virtualmirage
I was thinking back to how last year my BF and I almost had no sex. Our daughter was only 3 and business was so slow and so many problems. We were actually going months without any sex. This was bad because we began to withdraw from each other, so now even though we still don't do it that much, I do try to make sure we do it a lot more often. It really does bring us much closer together and makes both of us happier.
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hornypoet69 hornypoet69
The longest I've ever gone (not counting the 20 years before I started having sex) was 5 months. That was the gap in between breaking up with my first boyfriend, and when I started having casual sex. Since then I've been having sex at least every month or two. That 5 month gap was hard though, I don't plan on repeating it anytime soon.
married with children married with children
before we got married and we where going to different schools, about 6-8 months. Since then only about a week, if she is on here period or being angry about stuff.
Coralbell Coralbell
About 2 months.
kelaaa33wish kelaaa33wish
6 weeks for me, after having my kids.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
After my divorce - about 1 year. It was self imposed - I just wanted to clear my head and I'm glad I did. Moving forward from there was very productive.
KrystalFayeO KrystalFayeO
the last two months of my pregnancy my husband refused to have sex with me because it was uncomfortable and the midwife had told him that the baby's head was "really down there" so he of course was weirded out by putting his penis near the baby's head... and then of course the mandatory 6 weeks of no sex afterward... but we didn't wait on minute past that 6 weeks... my husband literally ran to the store for condoms when I told him we could do it again! haha
tigerkate tigerkate
The longest I've gone while in a relationship is 2 months, during and after the time I had a LEEP. It wasn't fun, because before the hiatus I had a colposcopy and had to also stop for 3 weeks after.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Eleven years ... most all of it was my marriage. Men LIE about their libido when they're hunting for a mommy to marry and take care of them!
barrettbn2 barrettbn2
The longest I have gone is a couple of months.
Willis2011 Willis2011
Several months...I don't quite remember
eggiweg eggiweg
Three months when my girlfriend and I were apart for the summer... the first month was the worst, by the second month I pretty much just accepted it and stopped thinking about sex so much.
sarki sarki
About 6 months
purplekidney purplekidney
She: After we established that we were having sex and I was OK with it (kind of a rocky start...), maybe two weeks? He'll probably know for sure...

He: It might have been three once. Rocky start: "It's the eye of the tiger..."

She: We noticed that it does affect our closeness a lot, so we try to make sure that we make time for some action at least a couple times a week. If we keep having sex, we don't fall into a dry spell.

Lucidity Lucidity
Three years. It was mostly a choice.
bunny love bunny love
Probably around two or three months. My boyfriend and I are usually about 400 miles apart because of school
Paco Paco
Since my first time, almost two years ago, I haven't had had sex. It hasn't been a choice, just how things worked out... unfortunately. If the opportunity arose, I'd go for it in an instant, but it hasn't, so i'm stuck.
FruityCloudPuff FruityCloudPuff
Originally posted by eggiweg
Three months when my girlfriend and I were apart for the summer... the first month was the worst, by the second month I pretty much just accepted it and stopped thinking about sex so much.
Same. 3 months during the summer with my current boyfriend.
About 2 years though after a break-up with an ex before I found my current boyfriend.
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