Why is the sex industry shunned so much?

Brandi Rouxxx Brandi Rouxxx
So I just got done watching a documentary on the movie "Deep Throat". And it's peaked my curiosity. And it kind of ticks me off a little too. Why do people shun the sex industry so much? We all have sex. You know that there are people out there that bash the sex industry, yet behind clothes doors they have kinky sides to them. They are hypocrites! So why? Why do they shun the sex industry so much? Your thoughts?
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SexyTabby SexyTabby
My first thought would be religion or just in general how their parents taught them that sex was taboo. Behind closed doors they have no judges. In the real world they can't come to grips with it. Religion has really done a number on many people about what is and isn't allowed in society. Slowly but surely people will wake up to the fact that sex is a basic part of a normal, healthy lifestyle.
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