Sex when your in a relationship...

shySEXXaddict shySEXXaddict
Does sex play a big role in your relationship with someone?Would you still stay with someone if you didnt have sex with them or didnt enjoy sex with them? I think love only goes so far in a relationship,and without sex you would be just friends..or roommates.BUT thats just my im curious if others agree or not!
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Katelyn Katelyn
I think sexual attraction is a big part of romantic love. I love a lot of my friends but don't have sex with them lol. I think sex usually plays a big part in my relationships but it's usually not about jut sex, it's about making yourself and the other person happy.
Ghost Ghost
When I first meet someone, I need to feel sexual attraction or it's over. However, I have been with my husband so many years, and we go through dry spells (usually my fault, as I am often very busy/stressed) and he is very understanding of it and we don't love each other any less.
AHubbyof2SexualMinds AHubbyof2SexualMinds
Sex plays an important role in any romantic relationship I think. I've been married a decade and the sex now is actually better than it was when we first met, and I thought it was pretty good then. It's important to keep that fire going, or else you're just roommates.
Chae Chae
I agree with the replies above... sex is a big part of my relationship. without it, my boyfriend and I would just be roommates. yes, we love each other, but I love other roommates I've had in the past and I don't have the desire to have sex with them. I need the have that desire and attraction... or what's the point? Sometimes when we are in a rut, or super busy, or haven't had sex in awhile I feel like we are just like roommates and maybe the relationship is over...but usually it's just a good time for a sexual makeover or time to try something new.
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