Shaving down there

noway noway
A few years ago, a boyfriend was complaining (!) about the stubble that grew on the second day after I shaved everything bare. He said he'd rather have hair all the time than have it be scratchy. I really can't shave the 2nd day after, it is too close to the skin and gets irritated easily. Has your partner ever complained about pubic hair stubble before? Would they prefer hair all the time instead? Just wondering.
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K101 K101
He actually complained about the way your hair grows back? Yikes. I'd be telling him he's a little too picky and nature happens! WTF does he expect you to do shave twice a day? Sure stubble can be scratchy, but we all deal with it. It's not that much of a problem surely. And you shouldn't have to shave the second day. It IS irritating to your skin, so tell him to maybe remember that you are a person too. Anyways, I hope you do what feels best to you.

No, my partner has never complained about something so petty. The only thing to this nature he has said was that when I epilate and he goes down on me the same day, my skin is slippery and tougher to hold onto.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
My advice is to shave frequently. Your skin will adapt. Shaving infrequently perpetuates sensitivity.
Martiniman Martiniman
Originally posted by Gunsmoke
My advice is to shave frequently. Your skin will adapt. Shaving infrequently perpetuates sensitivity.
Martiniman Martiniman
Personally I could care less if my wife had trimmed hair, stubble or perfectly smooth. Furthermore, I agree completely with Kendra (above). Nothing in life is perfect, he should have been happy to have you instead of complaining about day old stubble on your pubic region.

Now to answer your direct question...I have never complained. However, if I would like my wife smooth, I ask her if I can shave her. She says yes, and I do the work, but never two days in a row.
luvslukin luvslukin
I have tried and experienced on my partners different methods of hair removal and here is my list from most smooth to the most stubbly. Epilate, wax, shave. As for myself, I prefer to wax as I think it feels good and leaves everything feeling really nice, but epilating is faster and not as messy and lasts longer....however it hurts something fierce!
edeneve edeneve
I myself don't like the prickly stubble so I trim close enough that my hair is still soft.
KinkyNicki92 KinkyNicki92
ugh what a douche comment. make his ass shave down there 2 days back back to back. bet he'll stop bitching. my partner doesnt care. at all
Hummingbird Hummingbird
Complain about stubble? -No. Complain about too much hair for oral? - Yes.
Trysexual Trysexual
I'd rather have hair than stubble myself. My GF trims and got lasered around that. Seems best to trim or go all the way and get waxed/lasered, but everyone has different reactions to shaving and hair density/thickness.
shorejen9 shorejen9
No my husband has never complained but I shave practically everyday. Honestly, he loves me shaved but if I gave up the razor tomorrow I don't think he would mind. He would notice sure and might ask why but he wouldn't complain.
evie.amor evie.amor
No, my man hasn't complained about that before. Thank goodness! I know he prefers smooth with a landing strip (or triangle) but he doesn't complain.

I can (sort of!) understand if he is spending a lot of time down there with his mouth and it's irritating him, but man up and get over it. I've had guys rub my raw with their stubbly chins before!
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