STRANGEST PLACE you have EVER done it.

Bignuf Bignuf
We can add one now. How about a PRIVATE (tethered to the ground) hot air balloon???!!! We booked a "ride" and the view was amazing. From the ground no one can see ANYTHING going on in the basket. I am SURE they KNOW what a lot of folks...including US, were doing during out private 30 minute ride. Maybe not the MILE HIGH club (been there, done that), but the 300 foot club, for sure!!!! She simply leaned over the edge of the gondola with me behind her...and the rest, as they say, is history.

That may now be the strangest place we have done it.

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prettynpink prettynpink
The weirdest place for us would have to be in the same bed that my friend and her boyfriend were in. They were asleep and we snuck in a quickie on the other side of the bed. That might not be on the top of the list as weirdest but looking back it was pretty weird for us. Maybe not the location, but the circumstances atleast
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