Talking sex with your parents?

Eve12 Eve12
Is it awkward to talk about sex with your parents? (regardless of your age!)
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
It's awkward. We never talk about it.
Rossie , darthkitt3n , MJ7 , amplified to rock , anonkitty , Geogeo , ilikepies2 , TheSinDoll , Boyfriend , Sammi , deltalima , icyqueen , Checkmate , ViVix , panthercat23 , Cat E. , Falsepast , mistressg
It's awkward, so we rarely discuss it.
MJ7 , LadyDarknezz , Lady of the Lab , pixylove101
It's very natural/comfortable for us to talk about
Eve12 , MJ7 , Ouroborean , lovebites , sexfairy , hhh , Alan & Michele , Leather & Lace , *Camoprincess*
It's kind of weird, but it's not a big issue
Eve12 , MJ7 , solitudinarian , mpfm , Alan & Michele , table38792 , LittleA , Leather & Lace , amazon , married with children
We only talk about sex if we're joking around
MJ7 , solitudinarian , LadyDarknezz , TiffyPixie , misty82 , Alyona , Taylor
We only talk about sex if it's something serious/important
It's awkward for them but not for me.
Rossie , MJ7 , solitudinarian , sexfairy , TheSinDoll , table38792
It's awkward for me but not for them.
MJ7 , Artishok
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Rossie Rossie
My parents are old-fashioned and they have never talked about sex with me at all.
i voted all different answers because my mom and dad are very different ! xD
LadyDarknezz LadyDarknezz
I voted that it's awkward so we rarely talk about it and we talk about it in jokes. My mom is easier to talk to about it because she jokes around about everything. My dad NEVER talks about it and gets angry if he hears anything about sex that pertains to me. I guess he doesn't want to think of his little girl doing stuff like that, so I don't blame him. It's funny how I often joke about BDSM stuff with my mom and she has no idea that I'm heavily into the lifestyle lol. It will be a really awkward day if she ever finds out about it.
TiffyPixie TiffyPixie
It gets brought up while we are joking around but never in serious discussion.
Artishok Artishok
amplified to rock amplified to rock
Oh, god no. I'm pretty open about sex with everyone else but my parents just make me clam up for some reason. I once found my dad's stash of Viagra and almost ran for the hills, never to be seen again
anonkitty anonkitty
It's one of those things that they know that I know and they joke about it, but we never discuss it seriously.
Pixel Pixel
Yeah, no. My parents are ridiculously sexually repressed (sex is only to happen after marriage and it's to have kids, not for fun). I don't bring it up and neither do they.
Alyona Alyona
We only talk about sex if we're joking around
Ouroborean Ouroborean
It's never been awkward for me. I mean, there are some details regarding specific things I do that are private, and thus remain between me and my partner, but I think that's natural. Sex in general was never a taboo subject, when I was growing up, and therefore it isn't now.
Geogeo Geogeo
Originally posted by Eve12
Is it awkward to talk about sex with your parents? (regardless of your age!)
Definitely awkward
ilikepies2 ilikepies2
If I had to, I would but I can't think of a reason it would be a conversation topic.
pixylove101 pixylove101
awkward, avoid it
Taylor Taylor
Sometime my dad will tell a sex joke, but other than that we don't talk about it much. It's not that it's an issue to talk about, but we just respect each others privacy in that area. I do wonder if my mom was still alive if I would be more open with her about it.
Beck Beck
I openly talk about it. My parents aren't repressed or anything. It's okay to talk about, so we do.
sexfairy sexfairy
With my mom it's very easy but with my dad not
TheSinDoll TheSinDoll
My Mother is very religious. In her mind she's still a virgin although she's given birth to six kids.
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
My mother and I talk about it freely and always have. She's here on EF somewhere too. My father, on the other hand, started asking us (Alan & I) questions about modern birth control and such after he started dating again, which was a little awkward for me at first. I think the main diff was that we never discussed those things when dad was around when we were growing up.

table38792 table38792
A bit but I think it's because we're not interested in each others' sex lives which is probably a good thing.
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Originally posted by Eve12
Is it awkward to talk about sex with your parents? (regardless of your age!)
I no longer talk to my Mother about anything but when I did it seemed to be more embarrassing for her than it was for me. Talking about sex just doesn't embarrass me.
Leather & Lace Leather & Lace
Not awkward with my mom, she's my best friend
Boyfriend Boyfriend
we don't talk about it
amazon amazon
We're all adults about it, so it's not huge. And we don't go in to detail.
*Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
Its not awkward for me and my mom to talk about my dad doesn't care to hear about it though.
ViVix ViVix
Originally posted by Eve12
Is it awkward to talk about sex with your parents? (regardless of your age!)
My mom never gave me the sex talk...I eventually told her I was having sex, and I didn't have to be in love to have sex. We don't talk about it at all now. She's uptight.
panthercat23 panthercat23
Not one of our topics.
Cat E. Cat E.
I've never discussed sex with either parent and I never would, nor would they!
Falsepast Falsepast
It's awkward because they make it so awkward. I'd love to have parents who wouldn't mind talking to me about it.
mistressg mistressg
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