The fact that we are HERE makes us all "KINKY" to some. However, to others here, we may be VANILLA!!! do YOU define "KINKY"?

Bignuf Bignuf
What do you consider to be "KINK"? Do you describe yourself as Kinky?

We are big time into oral,vaginal and anal sex. To us, that is all pretty vanilla. We do make our own "video's" and sometimes do a bit of "in the shower" watersports...and we DO define that as "mildly kinky", so I guess we are a "BIT" kinky. However, to US, "Kink" is bondage, domination,pain...thin gs we don't do at all.

How do YOU define Kink??
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Ansley Ansley
I mean like you say, kinky is as kinky does. Traditionally it's a reference to the BDSM community but lately it's become a way of saying "I'm into anything but the standard missionary, wham bam thank you ma'am stuff".

Compared to my sister, I'm a deviant, depraved sex fiend who needs counseling because we like to use realistic toys and enjoy playing and teasing each other where she thinks it's cool to keep doin' it like they did in the Bible.

Compared to some people on EF, I haven't even begun to open the door of possibilities. I think it's all relative.
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