What do you enjoy most?

Sam The Bam Sam The Bam
During a sexual encouter wha do you enjoy most?
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SaucyxGirl , LoveReImagined , andykh , toyluvers78 , KinkyCouple , Rossie , KinkyNicki92 , Wicked Wahine , John E W , tturtle , icyqueen , QueerFemmeinist , Innocence Is Bliss , edeneve , Sincerely Yours, N , Husband and Wife , couples1
LoveReImagined , couples1
andykh , toyluvers78 , Rossie , KinkyNicki92 , Wicked Wahine , eri86 , CoffeeCup , Aesenthia , edeneve , Sincerely Yours, N , couples1
andykh , toyluvers78 , KinkyCouple , Wicked Wahine , icyqueen , U3H , Aesenthia , edeneve , Sincerely Yours, N , couples1
andykh , toyluvers78 , Rossie , KinkyNicki92 , icyqueen , Aesenthia , edeneve , Birdie , Husband and Wife , couples1
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Jun 16, 9:13 am
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SaucyxGirl SaucyxGirl
I enjoy oral more than anything else. This includes not only receiving it but also giving it to my partner.
Jun 16, 10:33 am
Oriental husband and wife Oriental husband and wife
Sorry, Didn't follow the poll.

Cuddling, caressing and being loved !
Jun 18, 7:55 pm
KinkyNicki92 KinkyNicki92
I like oral sex the best but all the kissing and foreplay is lovely.
Jun 18, 9:59 pm
dv8 dv8
Other: getting a backrub during foreplay.
Jun 19, 4:39 am
John E W John E W
I went with oral for the most but I love it ALL when it comes to anything that involves around sex!!
Jun 20, 6:21 am
eri86 eri86
Vaginal feels the best.
Jul 12, 11:39 pm
SexScienceAndFood SexScienceAndFood
Other: dexterous hands are hard to beat imo...
Jul 13, 9:13 am
QueerFemmeinist QueerFemmeinist
Originally posted by Sam The Bam
During a sexual encouter wha do you enjoy most?
Oral w her fingers inside me at the same time is my favorite if that was an option!
Jul 14, 12:04 am
Innocence Is Bliss Innocence Is Bliss
I love going down on him. Still getting used to the idea (NOTE: idea) of him going down on me... Lol
Aug 1, 9:40 pm
Aesenthia Aesenthia
We usually cover most of those options up there in one binge session, but I think my favorite is making out, being fingered, and having vaginal sex. We tried anal for the first time and I really enjoyed it, but vaginal is still my favorite.
Oct 6, 10:17 am
edeneve edeneve
I love all of them except anal. haven't tried anal. sometimes I am curious about it. I just can't get past the SHARTS, though.
Oct 7, 1:04 pm
Sincerely Yours, N Sincerely Yours, N
I love kissing, vaginal, and oral. We tend to have long sessions that encompass all three... he has literally kissed me a thousand times in one go before.
Oct 14, 10:16 pm
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