What's the appeal of the money shot?

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What's the appeal of the money shot?

Em & Lo Em & Lo
This week on EMandLO.com, we asked our in-house, merry band of Wise Guys, "What's the appeal of the money shot?" So, men, what do YOU think? Why is the money shot such a mainstay of porn?? And ladies, is there any appeal in it for you, or do you go along with it just to be nice?
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Ansley Ansley
A lot of men are really quiet during the act of intercourse, so it's really quite incredibly hot to see the physical orgasm, just like it's really hot for a guy to hear deep, satisfied moans from a woman.

Oh sorry, I didn't see the "Men..." part.

Husband's answer: "Knowing that he actually came." God love him.
js250 js250
My husband says it is comparable to "last call" at a bar. It triggers his brain into the 'end' of the movie and he can actually feel the orgasm without having one if we are in a marathon. Like me with the squirting, I can feel the pleasure without the orgasm. It can also trigger it due to relating to the feeling.

As a woman, watching the head swell and throb and the release of cum gets me totally off. I am a visual person and thoroughly have a 'head' fetish, just seeing that makes me wet, ready and off.
SexyStuff SexyStuff
I've always wondered this, I don't see the appeal either.
Ghost Ghost
Perhaps some men, like dogs, like to mark their "territory".
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