When does a woman really enter her sexuaL prime?

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When does a woman really enter her sexuaL prime?

Chelle Love Chelle Love
Is it different for everyone? When did you hit yours?
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bayosgirl bayosgirl
I've heard 30's. I'm not there yet so I couldn't tell ya.
ValerieRayne ValerieRayne
Men are supposed to be in their sexual prime in their early twenties, women aren't supposed to reach ours until our mid-thirties, even if that makes the most illogical evolutionary sense.

I also feel that it is highly inaccurate (or at least I hope it is), because if I'm not in my sexual prime right now, then I'm scared to find out what a sexual prime feels like. And The Boyfriend, in his early 20's, has a very low sex drive and if this is supposed to be his prime, it's not really prime at all...
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I don't believe that women reaching their prime later in life is biological. My wife's capacity for sex did not increase - but her comfort and acceptance did, therefore we have sex more often.

For me - there is no doubt that capacity for sex has decreased over time - although it didn't get to be a really issue until my 50s - when it crashed into my wife's increasing libido.

I'm just thankful for the toys and ED pills (cialis is my favorite)!
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