Which do you prefer

lovemuscle n cookie lovemuscle n cookie
Are you male or female and do you prefer top or bottom?
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
I'm a guy and like to be on top
1  (5%)
I'm a guy and like to be on bottom
2  (10%)
I'm a girl and like to be on top
4  (19%)
I'm a girl and like ot be on bottom
14  (67%)
Total votes: 21
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zeebot zeebot
I like both
married with children married with children
I like being on top and bottom, and everything in the middle
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
bottom for cowgirl and top for doggie and missionary. we do cowgirl about 60% and doggie most of the rest. missionary is fairly rare - but still fun.
Illusional Illusional
I'm a girl I prefer bottom cause I always feel obese and too fat
MaryExy MaryExy
I like being on bottom. It feels more like he's in control
K101 K101
I prefer bottom or doggy style because I tend to get a lot of pain when I'm on top, but I do occasionally get on top for a few minutes. I have bad rythem too. Lol When I'm on top it seems I have a hard time moving quickly. I like bottom with my legs on his shoulders, doggy style, or with his hands lifting my booty.
ToyGurl ToyGurl
I personally get off easier on top because it adds clitoral stimulation. Doggy style also works, but sometimes it hurts.
zizfaye zizfaye
I like both!
lolsos lolsos
I like both too
deltalima deltalima
Originally posted by zeebot
I like both
Same. Although I think I'm in a better position if I'm on the bottom.
bayosgirl bayosgirl
I prefer being on the bottom. I'm lazy when it comes to sex.
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Unique posters: 12