Who gets really tired after sex?

The Awesome Penguin The Awesome Penguin
Is it just me or after a great time having sex, no matter what time of day, I get exhausted and just lie in bed with my partner fr a while? It's a great feeling and she is just so cute.
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Beaners Beaners
True story. My boyfriend and I need to pry ourselves out of bed after we have sex. That's why morning sex is out unless it's a weekend. No quickies before work here.
Kayla Kayla
It really depends with us. If we have it before bed, I just wanna curl up and go to sleep. If we have it the rest of the day, I just want to curl up in a warm blanket - sleep is a maybe, but I just like the warmth afterwards.
UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
We generally have very vigorous sex. Our typical session lasts 45 - 90 minutes. After that, we're both pretty much done.
RubenesqueAna RubenesqueAna
Rawr. I love lying there for a bit, taking a cat nap and what not, after sex. My current partner doesn't though. He wants to get up and do something afterward. I think that's the opposite of how it's supposed to be.
leatherlover leatherlover
My wife and I used to cuddle all the time when we were first dating and just doing oral. But now we get up to clean up, then we are usually off to do something else. We both miss the cuddling, need to work on re-incorporating that.
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