Who's got a baby sleeping in the bed?

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Who's got a baby sleeping in the bed?

LLmama LLmama
My baby...errrr 2.5 year old daughter is sound asleep next to me in bed right now (Yesss. I know!) , while my husband is crashed on the couch. It's been like this since she's been born. Since I nursed her so long, it just seemed easier for all of us to get a full nights sleep since I didn't have to wake up to get a bottle or even get out of bed. My husband didn't complain cause he was fully rested for work the next morning.

It killed the fire for a little while but now we find other places to have sex and I think it makes it more fun sometimes..

Who else has a baby in the bed and what have you done to save the sex?!
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ValerieRayne ValerieRayne
I've had 4 kids and every single one of them has been an in-bed-baby. My first stayed in my bed until she was about 5 and the 3 younger ones (all boys) started venturing out of my bed around 3 or 4. Our youngest, 2.5 also, is sort of out of bed with us. Mostly because we're no longer sleeping in our bed, but now on a mat on the floor and he sleeps on the chair above us. He still crawls in with us on a nightly basis though.

I don't think having the kids in bed with us have ever affected our sex life negatively. Just like you, we just came up with other places to have sex while the kids are sleeping. Instead of in bed, we'd use the bathroom or since all the bedrooms are downstairs, just have sex upstairs. You make it work
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