Why do you think I bleed during sex?

shySEXXaddict shySEXXaddict
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Im stumped..out of 19 yrs of having sex I have never had a guy make me bleed everytime we have sex.My new partner is very well endowed ,but not rough with me and everytime we've had sex he makes me bleed! The other guy I was sleeping with I havent had a problem with(although he's much smaller).Ive been to the doctors and everything is fine with me,but why am I bleeding everytime i have sex with this guy???
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Does he hit your cervix? Mild cervical irritation can result in bleeding. Also, tearing or scratching (during foreplay) can lead to a little bit of blood that becomes more pronounced when you really get in to it. Try not having him go so deep and if he or yourself use your fingers, trim your nails first.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
It sounds like the first guy is just big for you. Do/Did you use lube?
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