Wish you had more partners?

libbyv libbyv
I've only had one sexual partner, and married him. I almost feel like i wish i had more in you younger days, just for the experience. Do any other girls feel the same way?
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novanilla novanilla
I remember feeling that way before. I was with my first partner for a really long time (years) and thought at one point we would get married. I always wondered what it would be like with someone else. Damn, am I glad I left them and had sex with other people! The grass was definitely greener.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
This is exactly why I won't date a virgin. Not that I'd think less of their choice, but sex is a very important part of a relationship and I'm not a person who can handle a poly relationship. It's totally natural and almost expected for people to question life-long monogamy with their first partner.
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