Do all men really love seeing girls kiss?

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Scorpionwally Scorpionwally
It can be kinda sexy
Peggi Peggi
No, actually. You have to consider that some men are homophobic or just not attracted to anything involving homosexuality. I have a few friends who have specifically made "yuck" faces at girls kissing while we were at the mall or stores, and the girls WERE hot, so it had nothing to do with the girls themselves.

So, really, when it comes to people there is no such thing as "all". Because people are not all the same.
humblepie humblepie
I agree with Peggi. Also some people are uncomfortable with PDAs (so seeing girls kissing in public might ick them out) or affection in general.
mikeysPlace mikeysPlace
Joe and Dani Joe and Dani
Watching to pretty girls kiss does do something for me. Then again if I saw to good looking guys kissing it might do something for me as well. I think just watching people go at it does it for me. =P

CollegeFun2014 CollegeFun2014
If I find both women attractive then yes, I love seeing girls kissing
Gdom Gdom
All men? Certainly not. I've run into plenty that find it uninteresting--lesbian s don't exist for the benefit of straight men, after all--and others that straightforwardly dislike it, whether out of homophobia, discomfort around PDAs, or just from an inexplicable, visceral "eh, no" response.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Nope, not that interested.
wes wes
i do
butts butts
well, we're in a gay relationship, but my partner is pansexual and he thinks it's cute. I think I've heard him say he prefers guys over girls kissing though.
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