Black out orgasam...

Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I have had this happen twice. I tend to tence up a lot before hand and sometimes I forget to breathe, especially if I'm really into it. The last two partners I was with told me a friend of theres died this way. He just blacked out and dies from lack of oxygen to the brain. I could understand if he had a stroke or something, but can you really starve the brain of oxygen in that short period of time? can people really die from a hard core orgasam?
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js250 js250
I hope not, I have come this hard a few times. Usually on my fourth or fifth one.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
Wow, I've never heard about this, but it's worth looking up in an online medical community or something. I don't have this problem b/c I don't O that significantly.
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
Originally posted by unfulfilled
Wow, I've never heard about this, but it's worth looking up in an online medical community or something. I don't have this problem b/c I don't O that significantly.
I can't find anything to prove it. I can see if you blacked out for a second, but dying just seems imposiable to me.
PeachieClean PeachieClean
If you were to pass out your body would relax and breathing would start up again. That's why you can't die from holding your breath (Unless you're underwater or something). Minor brain damage, maybe. If you really hold your breath until you pass out, it's possible, but not really to a point that it'd even matter. You're fine.
Jensen Jensen
I have never had one of these but I could see why I would be terrified of having one. I'd be really afraid it was a stroke.
Raizer911 Raizer911
Sounds unlikely. I would suggest that life isn't worth living if you're not having fun.
vanilla&chocolate vanilla&chocolate
I have never experienced this!
Arch600 Arch600
My wife has been close a few times. I don't think it was from holding her breath, but perhaps I didn't realize what was going on. I don't think it is possible to sufficate from holding one's breath, as others have said. You'll start breathing again as soon as you pass out - if you get that far. If anyone has died during orgasm, it has to be from something else; a stroke or heart attack or something along those lines.
I've gotten close. My vision got really fuzzy and dark and I was very dizzy. It was the same reaction my body has to needles. I don't get this often though.
31 Flavors 31 Flavors
I would go see a doctor if this happened.
Allison.Wilder Allison.Wilder
I haven't had this happen, but I would be seeking out medical help if it happened more than the one time.
Voir Voir
Unless you've got a physical or mental condition you should not die after blackout.
You're body blacks out because of lack of oxygen, intensity etc. when it blacks out natural processes take over and breathing should resume B|

I would imagine sleep apnea, or some sort of heart or lung condition could fuck with that though. But if you're healthy blacking out from intensity (not holding your breath) probably shouldn't be anything to worry about. If it's from not breathing, i'd suggest breathing exercises or seeing a Gyno ._. / physician with questions and description
thornrose thornrose
That just sound a little scary to me.
heather-mooney heather-mooney
Whoa! I would consult a doctor.
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