Does food and/or smoking change how you taste?

Anne Anne
I've been drinking a lot of pineapple juice to change how my fluids taste for oral sex. I'm also aspiring to be a dietitian and these answers would be helpful to know for my career if I want to help people. I used to be a smoker as well, and my boyfriend has told me that the taste of my fluids haven't changed since I stopped. I was wondering if you all had some ideas.
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DreamWolf DreamWolf
It has happened with me countless times, eating/drinking something or smoking and poof! ^^
gavind gavind
Yep for sure your sense of smell will get affected to. If you're thinking about starting, don't. EdenFantasys Logo
Jewlickah Jewlickah
I've heard that this is true, but I'm not sure.

My old roommate drank tons of cranberry juice for a month, without her girlfriend-to-be knowing about it. Apparently one of the first things she said after going down on my roommate was, "mmmm... cranberries."

I guess it has some grain of truth, then.
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